Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are

-Anonymous Post Abortive Poet

To me the pain is always there, Everywhere, I feel you stare, and glare, your eyes at me

I hope you see, the things that I do, I never meant to do that to you

Special circumstances, special you, I feel so miserable, I feel like it’s my fault, for some reason, you are locked away in a vault

I deal with the aching pain, trying to live life as if it were
unchanged, I cannot tell anyone, my life of sin

Your dad wonders why I cry, he has no clue, what was done in spite of you

I did not want it to happen this way, but on that day, there was no turning back, feeling as if I threw you away in a sack

It’s been a few months, had I kept you, you would be ready and done, done to see the world, memories of the short time is all I have stored, your dad says its better this way, but I had hoped you’d stay

It was a quick decision, to lose my other decision, but I know somewhere, you are okay, okay to stare, down at me knowing who your mommy would be, and someday I can dream of you looking back at me

I hope you have met your uncle, maybe in the clouds or in a tunnel, wherever you go, I know that we’ll meet, then we both can take a seat

I can explain to you why, no more tears or cries, I will have to live with the pain, the rest of my life because I won’t have you near, to calm my fears

I’m so sorry, know always I would have loved you like the rest, you would have been truly blessed

I miss you and love you always, wherever you are


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