Welcome On Board

Welcome On Board

Jon Yarian, Our Newest Board Member!

Jon and his wife Ruth have four children: two young adults; Kayla and Jacob, and at home Jephthah and Jolee (Jolee was adopted from Guatemala).  Jon is on the board of Child Evangelism Fellowship of West-Central Illinois as well as Pregnancy Resources.  He works as the Director of Children & Adult Discipleship at Christ Church in Davenport, where he oversees their small group ministry, outreach and missions, and children’s ministry.

    Jon first heard about Pregnancy Resources by passing the Davenport Center almost daily when taking his son to school.  Jon served on a crisis pregnancy center board in Ohio for seven years and as president of that board for five years. When he moved to Davenport, naturally Pregnancy Resources caught his attention. He started volunteering by teaching the 24/7 Dad class and continues to sub when needed.

    Serving with a ministry whose mission Jon is drawn to has enhanced his life because he has an outlet to use his gifts, education and experience.  Jon especially enjoys time with the clients who attend the 24/7 Dad class; however, God’s calling on Jon’s heart to take on the different responsibility of being a board member is also equally rewarding. Jon says he is continually reminded of the value of life and being a good parent by serving. 

    Jon’s view of the pro-life movement was limited to what he saw in public media, Facebook pages he has “liked” and in conversations with others of like mind. Serving in the midst of a ministry like Pregnancy Resources has really satisfied Jon because he is able to put into action what he believes, making him feel a part of the working solution rather than just an opinion in the world.