Volunteer Spotlight on Wendy Weyrick

Volunteer Spotlight on Wendy Weyrick

Ever since learning what abortion truly involved, I wanted to do something about it. A friend in college volunteered at a pregnancy center in Iowa City, and I thought I might be interested in getting involved. I wasn’t brave enough at that time. After moving to Davenport and hearing C.J. Payne (former Executive Director) on WDLM, I decided to go ahead and take the training.

We had recently moved to Davenport for my husband’s job. I was doing some substitute teaching, but I had a lot of free time. I felt that I needed to be involved in some type of outreach. I am not a people person. I could be perfectly happy staying at home, keeping to myself, but my parents taught me and demonstrated that part of being a Christian is reaching out to others with the love of Jesus.  

I began volunteering in February of 2000. I started out as a receptionist on Tuesday afternoons. Later, I was asked if I would teach the parenting class.  That has turned out to be an even better fit for me.

I am thankful I get to help these moms and dads in the parenting process. It is not always easy. My first challenge is getting my family fed before I leave for the center. I arrive almost every Thursday feeling very nervous.  Many of the clients come from completely different backgrounds than me. Feeling like I’ve connected with the clients is sometimes difficult.  It can be challenging, but challenges are good
because they grow you as a person. Volunteering here leads you to learn to love all kinds of people.

I would definitely encourage people to volunteer at the center.  It’s a great opportunity to give as you have been given, just like Matthew 10:8 encourages. You will grow. You learn from reaching out to those in need. You learn from other volunteers. The ladies here have prayed with me through some of my own parenting issues.

Even if you’re not sure about volunteering, take the training.  I learned a lot just at the training: about
listening to others and about how damaging abortion is to the baby and the mother.  We need to have
compassion for the baby and the mother.