Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

— Michael and Lisa Cummings, Volunteers

Our names are Michael and Lisa Cummings and we are volunteers at the Moline Center. Lisa began her position as a receptionist/office assistant in 2010 and I began teaching the 24/7 Dad classes in 2012. We both had very strong convictions about the sanctity of life from “conception through death” early in our marriage.

Several years ago we began attending the Walk for Life fundraisers that were sponsored by Pregnancy Resources and felt that it was a wonderful ministry to help women in need when faced with difficult challenges associated with unplanned pregnancies. A friend of ours, Sandra Cline, had introduced us to the activities that she was involved in there, and we saw her commitment to supporting this special organization. After some time of reflection and discussion Lisa made the decision to take the training to become a volunteer. We were both excited when she took the position as a receptionist at the Moline Center. After hearing about her experiences over a two-year period, I remember Lisa mentioning something about a class for fathers that was sponsored by Pregnancy Resources. This interested me since I have been involved with men’s and boy’s ministries for several years at our church.  I didn’t decide to do anything at first because I didn’t think I was qualified, although I knew that I could teach. Eventually through discussions with Lisa and time in prayer, I decided to get involved with the dad’s class.

Reflections from Lisa
I enjoy volunteering as receptionist with dedicated and compassionate women who have also become my friends.  It brings me great satisfaction to work in an organization that makes a difference in people’s lives. One thing I especially find important is that we always start the shift with prayer for one another and for the clients, that their needs would be met whether emotional, spiritual, or material.  It’s very rewarding when I hear the testimonies of women whose lives have been impacted through ultrasound technology, parenting classes, Bible study, or other assistance provided.  God is clearly at work and I’m so thankful I’ve been allowed to be a part of this ministry.

Reflections from Michael
I am thrilled with the notion that I have been speaking into the lives of young men that have taken a bold step toward becoming good fathers. Our curriculum is solid, the Word of God is a wonderful supplement, and the discussions are eye-opening!  I have to admit that our 12-session program is only a “primer” on all the things these guys will need to know to be successful. However, when they hear what we present, and they are asked about their thoughts on these matters, some of them reveal to us what’s really going on in their hearts. A few seem indifferent, and sometimes don’t return, but while attending the class, they claim that they know it is good to learn these things.  I have sensed that they’ve had a complete change in their understanding of what it means to be a good father!