Vicki's Story: Helping Women Find Healing From Abortion

Vicki's Story: Helping Women Find Healing From Abortion

Vicki: Helping Women Find Healing From Abortion
After Vicki found healing from her own abortion, she wanted to help other women

Vicki was 16-years-old when she had an abortion. Pressured by her boyfriend and other friends, Vicki thought it was the best thing to do in her situation.

Like many women, Vicki struggled with shame and guilt over her abortion decision. It wasn’t until years later that Vicki sought help. Here at Pregnancy Resources, Vicki went through the “Forgiven and Set Free” Bible study for post-abortive women.

Once Vicki found forgiveness and release from her shame and guilt, she wanted to help other women find that same healing. She chose to volunteer at Pregnancy Resources, encouraging young women not to make the same decision she had.

Last year, Vicki became a certified “Surrendering the Secret”
post-abortion group leader. She is now leading small groups of women at her local church to find healing.

One of the women in Vicki’s group says, “I am so thankful that God loves me and has forgiven me, healed me, and restored me. I am at peace in my heart knowing these things. I am His child and He is the Father I love and run to gladly in all things.”

Bring "Surrendering the Secret" to Your Church

"Surrendering the Secret" groups are taking place at Harvest Bible Chapel, Calvary Church of the Quad Cities, and Edgewood Baptist Church. We would love to offer a "Surrendering the Secret" group in your church, too.

There's help for men, too! If you were involved in an abortion (a girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, or friend) there is help for you. We can connect you with local help that specifically addresses your needs for healing as a man.

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