Things I’ve Learned at Pregnancy Resources, By Sandy Cline, Services Coordinator

Things I’ve Learned at Pregnancy Resources, By Sandy Cline, Services Coordinator

Things I’ve Learned at Pregnancy Resources

By Sandy Cline, Services Coordinator

As a mother of girls, I was concerned about the false concept of womanhood as presented by society at large. I had seen how even Christian girls were negatively influenced by media, peer pressure and even the education system. I became a volunteer at Pregnancy Resources to do my part to “educate” others.

What I didn’t comprehend was that I was the one due to receive an education. The proposed “helper” was about to find out how naïve she was.

The Volunteers Aren’t All Like Me
One of the first things that I learned was that people involved in the fight against abortion are not all like me. I have been blessed to volunteer side-by-side with people from a wide range of churches and Christian experiences. Some of the most effective volunteers worship quite differently than I do. I have come to respect and appreciate them and know that God works with different people in different ways. We love and serve the same God.

Christ is a Fully Redeeming Savior
I learned that Christ is a fully redeeming Savior, who can take a life tainted by abortion and turn it into a living example to others considering abortion or battered by the guilt of a past abortion. Women who gave in to the lie that abortion would lead to freedom, now minister the truth that real freedom comes through trusting God for guidance through an unplanned pregnancy, and others who have had abortions can find forgiveness and healing through Christ.

People of All Cultures are Precious to God
I have learned that people of all nationalities and religious beliefs are precious to God. What a blessing it is when someone from another culture comes here because they have heard they can find loving assistance for their material needs and parenting education.

The Ministry Depends on Donors & Volunteers
I’ve learned that Pregnancy Resources only exists because of the generosity of God’s people who share financially, materially and with time and energy.

The Ministry Operates to the Glory of God
Perhaps the most important thing I have learned is that Pregnancy Resources operates wholly to the glory of God.

He alone is able to change lives, redeem the lost and care for the needy. We give what we can and dedicate it to Him. He can take whatever we offer and make it beautiful. That is the heart of Pregnancy Resources. I am so grateful to have learned.