The World at Our Doorstep- Ripe Fruit!

The World at Our Doorstep- Ripe Fruit!

-Debbie Lanzen, Volunteer

Iris was feeling dizzy and just not normal. Who should she call? Things are very different in the United States than in her homeland of China. Suspecting pregnancy, she looked online for a place to get help.

After a positive test at the Davenport Pregnancy Resources, lots of encouragement, and loving invitations to receive additional services, I began to see Iris joyfully come to the center each week. She attended every possible class for mothers-to-be. On her last class, Stephanie, the Davenport director, mentioned that Pregnancy Resources also offers Bible studies-- because we believe in Jesus. Jesus was someone not familiar to Iris but she wanted to know about Him. His name intrigued her. She told her husband, Jeremy, of this helpful place that wanted nothing in return for their services.  Jeremy was very grateful for people who were willing to meet his wife’s needs and comfort her while he was working in China.

Iris was excited at the idea of starting in a Bible study. “I will bring my husband,” she said as I   made an appointment for her first session. “He will be in the States for the birth of the baby and he wants to hear about Jesus.”

The introductory Bible study included a short DVD summary of the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ and His purpose to forgive sins. As we discussed our lives together, belief in the true God, and our great need for a Savior, Jeremy noted, “A person must deny belief in God to hold a government office in my country. They have lost religion.” Jeremy had not been raised believing in God although he told of a “Christian” woman who faithfully came to their home in China and prayed for an ill family member. He also noted he had read of Jesus in a history book. After several questions, some eager reading of Scripture, and more discussion of the Gospel, they both realized what Jesus had done for them. I could clearly see God had bought this couple to Pregnancy Resources. During that Bible study, Iris and Jeremy received Jesus Christ’s
forgiveness by His death on the cross and they placed their trust in their new God.

Jeremy stayed at the center for another two hours that day to attend the 24/7 Dads’ class. The men discussed more about life in Jesus. Iris waited in the lobby for him and chatted with the volunteers and staff about how she would like to go to a Chinese church a doctor had mentioned to her. After a few phone calls, the staff was able to give her the address and service times of the church. Before their baby was born two weeks later, God allowed the couple to meet with other Christians who spoke about the Bible in their native tongue.

Today, with a 4 month old adorable baby girl, Iris continues to attend the Bible study. She says,” Now I
believe in God. For me, (Pregnancy Resources) is an important place that I can trust. If I need help, this is a place I can talk.” 

 Jeremy says, “At this place, I found the Sprit from God.  I have told my friends and family (back home) about how I got help from this place and the Davenport Chinese church. I now believe in God and think about our
ambition, not just for ourselves and our family but for living for God.”