The Blessing

The Blessing

By Erin– In Memory of Emma Jane 

After Forgiven & Set Free post abortion healing group

You remind me of a
whispering wind
You would be seventeen.
I made a choice 
No going back
The future yet unseen.

Had I recognized your Beauty then
I wouldn’t be alone.
The years I’ve spent
in agony
Trying to rewind
Regret and shame
Wounding deep
Peace I could not find.

A web of lies I tread upon
Knowing deep within
The haunting of this
Past mistake
Could be my final end.

What I have done
cannot be changed

I’m so sorry, please forgive me.
You were a blessing in my life.
And you’ll be forever missing.

I deeply ache to spend a day with you beside me
To be the mom I should have been
Surrendering and caring.

I never nursed you at my breast
I never saw you smile
I never laughed away your silliness as you whimsically beguiled.
Your first steps were
Never taken
Holding on to me.

But heaven’s glory Saw you running
Joyful and set free.
I gave you up in this life and I know I missed so much.
Eternity received a gift
With Jesus’ loving touch.
I finally had to let you go
You were Too much to bear.
I gave you to the Lord above and released you to His care.
Forgiveness like a flood
Roared powerfully within.
Jesus Christ has eternally Pardoned all my sin.
No longer do I spend My days
Weighed down by guilt and shame.
I see beyond the past ...To you And call you Emma Jane.
You will always live within me
Silent bursts of love alight
I see you in the sky of blue
I hear you in the night.
More lovely you are Growing...
I know this to be true.
You are wrapped within His arms
As He rejoices over you.

But there will be a day when I look upon
Your face
Tears of joy
Streaming down
Overwhelmed by Amazing Grace!
And in that place when dark is past and Peace resides
I’ll hold you close and be as it should
A Daughter
Eternally treasured.