Sara’s Story but God’s Plan

Sara’s Story but God’s Plan

-Sara Calcote

This is my story of how God always has a plan for our lives.

I had an internship lined up at a small financial office here in Moline; all that I was waiting for was an email with my start date.  The Sunday before I was supposed to receive that email a lady at my church (Debbie Lanzen, Pregnancy Resources’ volunteer) was asking me what I was going to school for.  I explained that I was working on my business degree, and that I was going to be doing an internship next semester.  She continued by telling me that she volunteered at Pregnancy Resources and heard that they were looking for someone to take over their fund development position.  I told her that sounded like a great job, but I already had an internship.  She gave me Susan’s name and email.  I stuffed the information into my Bible and forgot about it.

The next day I opened my email to find a short message from my internship explaining that the company was going to go a different route.  I was very upset because I thought that I had my future set, and now I was going to have to find a new internship in one week.  I suddenly remembered my conversation with Debbie the day before.  I thumbed through my Bible and found the information about Pregnancy Resources.  I decided to email Susan and ask if she would even consider an internship.  She emailed me the next day and asked me if I could come in for an interview at 2:30.  As soon as we started talking we both knew this was God’s plan.

I don’t know where God is going to lead me next, but for right now I am getting to live His plan for my life, and I know He has a purpose in all things.