Famer's gift will grow new crops of cribs, car seats

Famer's gift will grow new crops of cribs, car seats

Farmer's Gift Will Grow New Crops of Cribs, Car Seats
Newsclip from The Dispatch & The Rock Island Argus, published Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pregnancy Resources will grow a new crop of cribs and car seats thanks to a Preemption family farm.

Jana Peterson, of Peterson Family Farms, recently won a $2,500 America's Farmers Grow Communities prize from the Monsanto Fund. Winners get to select a favorite nonprofit organization to give the prize to, and Ms. Peterson chose Pregnancy Resources.

''I have supported Pregnancy Resources for a long time,'' she said. ''One of my passions is abstinence training to prevent teenage pregnancies; and that's one of the services Pregnancy Resources offers.''

Another service is providing cribs and car seats to people completing parenting courses and similar classes, executive director Susan Skoglund said. Pregnancy Resources has offices in Moline and Davenport

''We give lots of them away,'' she said. ''For example, last year we gave out 110 cribs and 107 car seats. This was a huge blessing.''

''I was shocked to win,'' Ms. Peterson said. ''You hear people say 'I've never won anything in my life.' I have, but never this large of an amount, and what's better about it is that I got to give it away to an organization like Pregnancy Resources.

''I know they do great counseling programs that will affect the next generation of future farmers.''

She and her husband, Jeff Peterson, live in Port Byron, but their 1,000-acre family farm is in Preemption.

Every county has a drawing, Ms. Peterson said. ''I was just the fortunate one from this county to win.''