Our Little Peanut

Our Little Peanut

- Stephanie Miller

“Melissa” was quiet, and didn’t seem too emotional.  When I got around to asking her intentions for the pregnancy, she said, “I can’t have a baby right now.” She went on to admit that while she was feeling undecided, her boyfriend was strongly for abortion.  She was interested in learning about abortion procedures and the possible risks involved, and wanted to allow “Shane” to come to the room and hear the information as well.

As I explained the procedures and we discussed the emotional effects associated with abortion, Melissa began to cry.  Shane was so focused on listening to me that he didn’t see the tears.  I paused and acknowledged Melissa, and as soon as Shane turned to see her in so much distress, his entire demeanor changed.  He reached out and comforted her, pulled his chair closer to her and reached out for her hand.  I saw him turn from stress and anxiety to tenderness and compassion in just a moment.  Soon he was asking me about different kinds of adoption, and although Melissa remained fairly quiet she agreed to an ultrasound.

The ultrasound revealed a six-week fetus with a strong heartbeat.  Shane was asked to come to the room to see his baby on the monitor.  He seemed to marvel at the technology and was touched by the speed of the baby’s heart.  At one point Jenny called the baby “little peanut”, and Shane reached out and touched Melissa’s head and said, “Just like you- little peanut.”  When the appointment came to an end, the couple stated that they were going to continue with the pregnancy and further discuss adoption.

 On the Post Ultrasound Client Feedback form, clients are asked what they liked best about the ultrasound and what information they gained.  Melissa’s read : “Seeing our little peanut. I have a live little baby inside of me.”