Offering Grace & Truth

Offering Grace & Truth

 - E.J. Butler, Nurse Manager

It had been 7 years since she had walked through our doors.  She was no longer a frightened teenager, but now a young woman.  As she met with the Services Coordinator, she shared that she had ended her pregnancy 7 years ago by having an abortion.  When asked how she felt about that decision, she did not want to talk about it. She did not need to.  Her face answered for her. 

Her pregnancy test was positive and her ultrasound showed her baby at 6 ½ weeks.  She filled out on her feedback form that seeing this ultrasound changed her opinion of abortion.  Sadly, a month later, she called to tell us that at her doctor appointment at 10 weeks, her baby had no heartbeat.

Four months had passed and here she was again, pregnant and full of fear.  She shared that she feared the reason she had lost her last baby was because she had aborted in the past.  She cried.  She carried so much guilt and regret.  She wanted to be excited about this pregnancy.  She was now engaged and wanting to start a family, but her past held her back.  Jenny & I proceeded with the ultrasound apprehensively, knowing her last
experience.  At first we saw nothing, but after a few long minutes, right before our eyes, we miraculously saw a baby with a beautiful beating heart.  She was still so terrified that she would miscarry, as she had seen a
beating heart last time.  We shared the Lord with her and spoke of His forgiveness and the freedom she could have by surrendering her life to Him.  I invited her to church. She seemed intrigued about this, but still quite hesitant.  About a month later she came back to the center.  She was terrified.  This is how far along she was when she had lost her last baby.  With her doctor’s permission, a second ultrasound was performed revealing an active, beautiful baby.  For the first time she looked relieved.  She contacted me later that week and said, “I just want you and Jenny to know that I really appreciate how nice you guys have been to me.  I know there’s great people out there also like you guys, but I was starting to lose hope.”

She has kept in touch and is doing well.  She has gotten married!  She has expressed interest in visiting church.  God is working in this woman’s life.  I don’t know what’s next for her, but I do know that she felt God’s love at this place 7 years ago and that’s what brought her back.   I do know that she now has hope.  His seeds have been planted and are starting to grow.