Offering Compassion in Jesus’ Name

Offering Compassion in Jesus’ Name

 - Jenny Farrell, RN

Sometimes we have an opportunity to minister in ways that are more difficult. Several months ago there was a period of time where we saw a much higher percentage of adverse outcomes among the patients for whom we provided a limited ultrasound. This meant that many needed to be prepared for a probable miscarriage.

 During that time, one couple in particular really touched my heart. They were from an Asian country, married, and well-educated. People don’t only come to us because of financial need, but also because we can offer them a quality limited ultrasound in the first trimester. That is something very difficult to get, as doctors do not normally initiate prenatal care until at least 10-12 weeks gestation.

From the moment I first met this man and woman, they were so respectful. But the husband was open about a fear he had: would the fact that they’d had a previous abortion have a negative effect on this pregnancy? Unfortunately, when the initial scan was performed it revealed that the heartbeat was very slow. By the following week when I repeated the ultrasound, the heartbeat had stopped.

 I will never forget the shock upon their faces, or the palpable pain as we looked at the screen together.  Are we not told to laugh with those who laugh, and to weep with those who weep?

What made the pain so much worse, was the underlying guilt that each in their own way expressed, regarding their previous abortion. I’m sure that at the time they made that decision, they could never have fathomed how deeply it would come to affect them. Aren’t these representative of the ones we want to help to process through the hidden grief of abortion?

Recently, E.J., our new nurse manager, and I had the thrill of doing another ultrasound for these two. This time the wife was further along, and there was a strong heartbeat. It was wonderful to rejoice with the husband, who was beaming from ear to ear. But the woman’s eyes were a bit haunted, and she admitted that it was hard to get excited, with the fear still lingering in the background.

We again had the opportunity to pray with them!  It is so wonderful to be able to pray aloud with someone in the powerful name of Jesus. It provides a window into an active relationship with the Lord…something that many have never seen or experienced.  I am also hopeful that they will attend some classes and that we will be able to continue to share with them the love of Jesus.

Thank you so much for allowing us to minister to a wide variety of people. Many who come to us would never enter the door of a church. Yet here we are able to openly share the gospel with those who desperately need the love of the Savior. May God bless you for all that you do to help us minister to those in need of His touch.