No Regrets

No Regrets

-Trisha Wilson, No Regrets Presenter 

As school wraps up another year and my teaching commitments slow down for the summer, I have a few minutes to look over some of the comments made by some of this year’s No Regrets participants.

“I learned this week that sex can wait.”
“There are a lot more STD’s then I thought.”
“I am a lot more vulnerable than I think.”
“Sex and love are not the same thing.”
“I deserve respect-based on a healthy relationship.”

Although I have said it before, and I will say it again…I have the best job ever! I am privileged to be able to share the Biblical truth that sex at the right time (when you are married) with the right person (your spouse) is worth waiting for. Sex at the wrong time or with the wrong person will complicate life – and I get to talk about those things too. Sex outside of God’s plan causes all sorts of emotional, physical, relational and spiritual complications. Although this generation is more technologically advanced and socially connected than all who preceded them, many students are still unaware of the many ways that a person can contract an STD/STI and they are shocked to hear that the Quad Cities has one of the highest STD/STI infection rates in the country. And so the No Regrets program stops by to visit their class for a little while. We talk about sex and love and dating and relationships. It’s an honest conversation that includes current scientific and medical statistics. There is no judgement or condemnation. The simple truth is, each of us must decide what to do with our sexuality, and we each must live with those choices. Society and our current culture have a lot to say about sex – and very little of their message matches up with God’s plan for Holy sexuality.

With your help and support this year 3660 students in Jr. High, High School and College participated in the NO REGRETS Abstinence and Sexual Integrity program.

These students heard abstinence presented as a smart and feasible choice, and they learned about fetal development, the chemistry of sex, how to build healthy friendships and relationships and the benefits of marriage. They also discovered that Pregnancy Resources is a place where everyone can find help and hope.

Thank you for investing in the lives of these students. You have made a difference!