-Trisha Wilson

Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator, Abstinence Educator and the STD Lady – these are just a few of the titles that students use to describe who I am and what I do. Speaking with teenagers and emerging adults about sex doesn’t need to be awkward; this generation is not embarrassed by the topic. Sex is predominant in their culture and in their daily lives. It’s in their music, their movies, on their smart phones and on their social networking pages. The world will try every day to sell our children and grandchildren a bag of lies, “sex doesn’t matter,” “sex doesn’t change things,” “sex is the best way to love someone,” or “I’ll just use protection and then I’ll be fine.” Mainstream media continues to scream its hopeless and broken message about sex and its consequences. Seventy percent of the most popular shows that we view in our homes every day have high sexual content, and it is shaping the way this new generation views sex, dating, marriage and relationships. With the No Regrets Program, I have the chance to speak and spread truth:

· Sex and love are not the same thing

· Everybody isn’t doing it

· You deserve to be treated with respect

· You are worth waiting for

· Marriage matters and the ring makes a difference

· Sex at the right time and with the right person (after marriage with your spouse) is a good thing

· Sex at the wrong time or with the wrong person can, and usually will, complicate your life

Thanks for your continued support for the ministry of Pregnancy Resources, both in the centers and in our
community at large. With your help we can continue to share truth regarding the sanctity of life, the importance of intentional parenting and the basis of real love, and the pursuit of holy purity.