No Regrets

No Regrets

-Trisha Wilson    

            “Hey, my name is Trisha Wilson, and today I get to talk with you about sex.  Take a deep breath.  It will be ok.  It’s only going to be awkward for a little while, and it’s
only going to be awkward for you.”  “We call this
program No Regrets…”
             And thus begins the start of the No Regrets Abstinence Program in a typical Middle School or High School.  During the 2012-2013 school year, this program reached over 3,000 students in nearly 20 schools throughout the greater Quad Cities area.  We talked about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy and abstinence.  We talked about relationships, friendships, dating and love.  There were games, skits, demonstrations and candy—lots of candy.  Why?  Because it matters.  Somebody needs to stand in the gap and speak the truth.
             God created everything including sex, yet sin has tainted every good thing that God created, including sex.  What God created for good, Satan seeks to destroy.  So, I talk about consequences that often occur when sex is misused outside of God’s perfect plan.  I never say the words “God”, “Satan”, or “Sin”, yet  God’s love, God’s plan and the hope and healing that God can provide are always a part of my teaching.  With your support I get to share the message that “you are worth waiting for”, “the risky choices you made yesterday do not have to define who you are today or who you become tomorrow”, and “there is help and hope if the complications of sex or abortion are part of your personal story.”
             Teenagers can be scary, skeptical, and downright mean.  But not the ones I get to spend time with.  It’s awkward, we laugh, and we keep it real.  Then, when It’s all said and done, I get to read their thoughts on our time together...thoughts like this:

“I appreciated the un-bias statements you made.”

“I learned that sex and love are different, and you can love someone a lot without having sex.”

“I loved your presentation, and I just wanted you to know that you helped me a lot.  I know now that it’s ok to save myself from now on, regardless of my past

I have the best job in the world!