My Story-Fruit That Lasts

My Story-Fruit That Lasts

— Rhonda Halterman, President, LivWellSeniors

My story begins in my junior year of high school 1989.  I was in a serious relationship with my boyfriend at the time and not living my life in a “Godly” way.  I was just 15years old when I learned that I was pregnant.
             My initial reaction to my home pregnancy test was simply one of shock.  Like many teenagers we think that we are invincible and believe that “nothing like that will ever happen to me”…Well it did indeed happen to me…I wasn’t sure where to turn to until a friend of mine mentioned that there was a new place in town that I could get a pregnancy test….just in case the store bought one was “wrong”. That place was called Crisis Pregnancy Center and they offered free pregnancy tests, which, of course, I took with a positive result- I was definitely pregnant. They counseled me to get pre-natal care and led me in the direction to get the care that I needed.  At that time, the Crisis Pregnancy Center only offered free pregnancy tests.  This service has come full circle with all that they offer women today!  The encouragement and Christian driven advice really left a life-long impression on me as I began my new life as a single teenage parent. Since I was still in school, I went to my guidance counselor who of all people was very discouraging.  The last person I thought would ever advise me to...and I quote these were his words, “You might as well just quit school and collect
welfare, because that is all you will be able to do for the rest of your life”…unfortunately for a brief period I believed this…and I quit school in March 1989.

 At just 16 years old God blessed me in 1989 and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!  Wow, the love I felt for her was so profound.  I knew then that I did have something to offer that would bring happiness and joy to my life and that was to be a good provider for my daughter.  I re-enrolled in school that fall and began my senior year.  I continued to go to school and worked at McDonald’s part time.  One constant that kept me going was knowing that I was going to provide a better life for me and my daughter by completing my education. 

Graduating from high school in 1990, I continued on with my education receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing in 1997.  Yes, it did take me several years of working towards this goal, but it was all worth it in the end.  Upon completion of college I worked in the marketing field for a couple of years before landing on my feet to start a pharmaceutical career.  I actually thought that this is what I would do until I retired.

After 10 successful years in the pharmaceutical field I found my career path shifting.  Although I never had a strong desire to own my own business, I discovered a passion for seniors and a gap in services available to serve seniors and their families.  I decided to launch my business in August 2012.
As my professional life evolved, so did my personal life.  It has been a blessing to go through life’s challenges from being a teen parent to having a strong stable marriage of 22 years and counting, with two adult children, a daughter 24 and a son 22.…and then witnessing the influences of those “faith-based” seeds planted in my children as they blossom into wonderful Christian adults.  I watched my daughter (who struggles with learning disabilities) graduate from cosmetology school and celebrated my son’s marriage to a strong Christian woman...all of which are direct evidence of God’s wonderful plans! Back when I was 16 years old, I never dreamed that I could do all that I have done over the course of my life….having a wonderful husband and family, successful in my career, and ultimately owning my own business.

As a young parent the faith-based advice that I received from Crisis Pregnancy Center played an important role in the growth of my marriage and family life.  I am so appreciative of the kindness and caring words of wisdom that were shared with me all those years ago.  I believe that advice has been with me and gave me the
encouragement that I needed at a critical low point in my life to lift me up and propel me forward.  Thank you for all that you do for the community!