My Story

My Story

My Story
-Davenport Mom

I was a struggling single mother of 2 boys, ages 7 and 9 with a third child on the way.  Their father returned to his native land due to an involuntary court proceeding.  This created a dilemma for me and my children.  I worked only a part-time job and had to ultimately raise them on my own.

I was unaware of all the other great services the pregnancy center provided until I was told by a friend.  I originally thought CPC (now Pregnancy Resources) was only for pregnancy tests.  Since I was under financial distress, I inquired about what services they offered during my second trimester.

It had been a decade since I had a newborn baby and things had changed since then.  The parenting classes provided me with useful tips and beneficial information I needed to care for my new baby girl.  I received baby items and certificates for diapers.  I also had access to “Bella’s Closet”, which provided clothing items for her.

God was opening a door for me with this unexpected pregnancy because I needed Him in my life.  I attended the Bible study classes that were offered.  I had feelings of a deep, inner emptiness from my aborted unborn.  Only God could fill this void in me.  Not only did God bring me here because of my daughter Esabelle, but also to utilize the post abortion services.  Esabelle’s name means “for God’s purpose” and she was used for God’s purpose to show me His grace in my heart and to have faith in Him.

This post abortion recovery proved to be very helpful.  At the end of the study, I found closure and was at peace knowing my unborn baby did have a voice and that voice belonged to me.  The end result of my abortion is for me to help others in the same situation not make the same harmful mistake.  Babies are gifts from God and should be treasured.

Pregnancy Resources is a great place for anyone that is experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy to go to when in need.  They offer alternatives to abortion.  The staff provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that is Godly.  I feel safe and secure just being in the presence of them.  Everything they have offered to me and services I utilized have greatly impacted my life and those of my children.  They truly are “Angels” from GOD.  I have been blessed by them and to know them.