Miracle Heart Change

Miracle Heart Change



Another Miracle Heart Change

~Annetta Cooper,
Davenport Center Director
Have you ever had a day that was so busy that you didn’t have time to even think or prepare for what would come next? Some days at Pregnancy Resources are like that. One afternoon, in the middle of Bible study class, lunch, and afternoon ultrasounds, we got a call from a scared woman. (I will call her Victoria.) Hesitant to even leave her first or last name for a scheduled appointment, she said that she was pregnant for the first time in her life and she was over 40. Victoria made it clear that she wanted to come in and talk about ALL of her options; she had ruled nothing out.

When Victoria came, she was very emotional and was leaning toward terminating her pregnancy. I shared many facts with her about abortion and its risks, as well as adoption and its benefits. Victoria listened carefully and asked many questions. She told me that she had an appointment scheduled for Planned Parenthood that Friday to take the abortion pill. I felt led to talk to her about the value of life as she had opened the door to spiritual conversation. I told her that I was a Christian and believed God created all life and, therefore, had a purpose for every life brought into this world. After thinking about it carefully, Victoria’s countenance started to change. She said, “You’re right! I do value life. I can’t even kill a bug!” She agreed to come back for an ultrasound the next day.

When Victoria came back for the ultrasound she connected well with our Nurse Manager Nealie, who was supposed to be at the Moline Center that day, but due to last minute changes, was in Davenport instead. Nealie used to work at the same place Victoria currently works, and they also had age in common. Our nurse was able to address her concerns of being over 40 and pregnant. Seeing her baby’s heartbeat on the screen helped confirm in Victoria’s mind that this was a life and she could not abort. Victoria cancelled her abortion appointment! God is good!

Just recently, Victoria came in and attended her first Healthy Pregnancy Class! She still has many unanswered questions, but we see this as a positive step in the right direction. Won’t you continue to pray for Victoria that she will remain strong in her decision to carry her pregnancy and that God will show her whether it’s best to place for adoption or carry and parent?

Thanks so much for your prayer support and contributions for our many Moms & Dads who, like Victoria, need your prayers every day.