Thanks to You, "Martha" Chose Life

Thanks to You, "Martha" Chose Life

Thanks To You, "Martha" Chose Life
Mother & daughter both do a complete 180 on their plan to abort
By Jenny Farrell, Pregnancy Resources Nurse Manager

“I know I missed my ultrasound, but I have an abortion appointment next week and I really want to talk to somebody. Can I still come in?”

Martha came in later that day. During the ultrasound she seldom looked at the screen, and initially did not alter her decision to abort.

She shared many reasons why continuing with her pregnancy seemed like a bad idea. She had financial concerns, educational plans that would be disrupted, and she did not want her father to find out and be disappointed.

Martha’s mom was pressuring her to abort. When I sat down with both of them to talk, Martha confronted her mother about her own past abortion.

When I asked Martha’s mom how her abortion had affected her, there was no hesitation. She admitted it was terrible. She said she felt guilty, like God had punished her. You see, Martha’s mother adopted her because she was unable to conceive after her abortion.

“And yet you’re asking Martha to abort - knowing this could easily have an adverse effect on her as well.” I said. Once the mother acknowledged her abortion and reflected on how it had affected her, everything changed.

I spoke with the mom about how we could help her recover from the pain and guilt. I also began telling Martha about the side effects of abortion.

After a while, Martha’s mom spoke up again. “I think you should keep it.”

“What?” her daughter asked.

“I think you should keep it. We can do this.”

Both the mother and daughter had walked in wanting to abort. As soon as the mom stopped pressuring her daughter, Martha believed that she could go through with the pregnancy. Martha’s mom took our card and told us she would call for help in recovering from her abortion.

As they were leaving, Martha’s mom turned around and told me, “Thank you so much. That was so helpful. You saved a baby’s life today.”