Loving Support –Charlie and Autumn

Loving Support –Charlie and Autumn

 - Susan Skoglund

-Charlie and Autumn were featured testimonies at our “Come Grow with Us” spring banquet.

“One day in August of 2009, Charlie and I found out we were going to become parents.”

Autumn called Charlie at work to tell him the news.  Her father suggested an abortion, and she was considering the possibility.  Charlie left work immediately and rushed to her house to beg her not to do it.  He wanted this child- he’d lost another child to an abortion where he’d had no say.  Autumn’s heart filled with hope as she saw the love he had for his unborn child and his loving support for her.

“Charlie was ready to take on the parenting mission ahead.  I, on the other hand, was terrified!  We were directed toward Pregnancy Resources in Moline by Charlie’s mom, Lisa, because she’d previously volunteered there… Jenny offered our first ultrasound when our son (Kayl) was six weeks along.  Looking back, he kind of resembled a little tadpole with a beautiful strong heartbeat.  Each week, we were grateful Pregnancy Resources offered so many opportunities… Baby Basics and Smart Start parenting courses.  We went to every class, and Charlie would even go to work and talk about what he had learned to his

Many seeds were planted and this young couple began going to church.  They’ve both committed their lives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and were baptized and are in marriage mentoring.  Charlie proposed with a ring on Valentine’s Day 2014.  With a second baby girl, Ayla, this family is now serving The Lord and planning to marry.

The father’s support is such an important factor as we see every day in our two centers.  This is God’s best
design for the family.  This is why we offer our 24/7 Dads’ class and all the same material assistance for dads.  We now have one volunteer male Services Coordinator in Davenport who can meet with the fathers and we’re praying for more men with the time and the calling to minister to the guys who come in with the women.

Without Charlie’s support and all that God has done in their lives,  Autumn says she could possibly have
aborted those babies. 

But she hates to think of that now as she looks into their beautiful little faces with a mother’s love!

Charlie was so thankful for all that they learned here at Pregnancy Resources:

“Autumn and I still use those tools today, realizing those classes were just forming a foundation for what our
parenting skills were going to be and what they become with each new day. Without Pregnancy Resources, I could not imagine a young woman or young couple not having that secure loving foundation to start building from, and that’s what we believe makes this wonderful non-profit organization possible. Pregnancy Resources has welcomed us with open arms and we’re so passionate about human life and possibilities. Autumn and I value that most of all.”