Laura Ertz's Story

Laura Ertz's Story

Laura Ertz's Story
Former Davenport Director Ecstatic to Hear from Kay & Christopher

Even though I've moved away from the Quad Cities, this precious little boy and his mom have always stayed in my heart. I was amazed to get a high school graduation announcement from Kay. There was a picture of Christopher, and tears came to my eyes. How seldom we know the outcome of our client's decisions.

I immediately sat down and wrote Christopher a letter. Here is a little of what I shared. My husband and I recently made a trip to see them. We are excited over what the future will hold for him and his wonderful family.


It seems amazing that I'm writing you a graduation note. Your mom's pregnancy and your birth will always be a wonderful memory for me. I'm honored to have had a small part in welcoming you into this world.

When I received your graduation announcement I was thrilled to again hear of your life and accomplishments up to this point. I laughed when I came to the part about you playing football and how important it is to you. Even more, it thrills me that Christ is in your life and you share Him with others.

Christopher, you have so much to offer this world. We desperately need young men of honor and strength for role models. It is refreshing to know that you, and others like you, are stepping out in faith to follow the path the Lord has mapped out for you. Your life is proof that he has a plan for you!

- Laura