Kristi's Story: From Pain to Healing

Kristi's Story: From Pain to Healing

Kristi's Story: From Pain to Healing
Kristi found help dealing with a past abortion at Pregnancy Resources

At 12 years old, I was taken to a clinic in Clinton, Iowa to have an abortion, or as it was put to me, “a DNC and suction.” The entire experience is truly too overwhelming to put into words. I never had the “right” to my body or the choice for life. I did verbally protest.

Yet it happened. It left me very desperate and broken. I turned to very destructive measures to cope with life. I felt hopeless and lost. I wanted a baby. My baby.

I had two miscarriages, the last at age 18. I was never able to conceive from that time forward. I obsessively pursued trying to have
a child, at all costs to myself. I simply could not fill the void, the loss.

I came to Pregnancy Resources many years later (at age 48) with a blank wonderment, if perhaps my life losses connected somehow to their services. I discovered, it absolutely did!

I attended a one-on-one session for a
series of weeks for a post-abortion study. It took me back through the nightmare of that abortion day.

“Forgiven and Set Free” unnerved me, challenged me, brought forth in me – everything hidden, deep in the core of my heart. I hated it, but learned I needed it. It brought me face to face with Jesus, in all of the pain.

I am thankful today for help, patience, support, and healing. I am thankful for Pregnancy Resources and their mission to choose life. Life, as conceived through the will of God. Or life, in the rebirth of a soul shattered by sin. I am thankful for forgiveness, mercy, and love.

I am deeply thankful God allowed me to co-parent the most beautiful daughter ever! She is now 16, but I was privileged to be there from birth. She is not my biological child, but she is absolutely my heart!

I am so thankful for my wonderful nieces, nephews, and the many children through my life’s journey! They have all blessed my wounded heart by their tender and innocent lives. My hope is that somehow I have blessed them, too, in some real way with the love of Jesus.

Someday, I will have the joy of meeting my three children in heaven. I know they will be standing next to Jesus with the same great expectation that rises in my own heart! It excites me and calls me to press on!

Today, I am most humbly thankful for the peace that passes all understanding.