How Do I Know I Need Healing

How Do I Know I Need Healing

How Do I Know I Need Healing?

These questions are based on the experience of women who have had abortions. In reading them, be honest with yourself. Be aware of any emotional or physical responses you may have.

 * Do you find yourself struggling to turn off the feelings connected to your abortion(s), perhaps telling yourself over and over to forget about it?
 * When abortion is mentioned in public, do you find your body reacting physically? (ex: tightened stomach muscles, clenched jaw, or holding your breath)
 * Are you affected by physical reminders (ex: babies, pregnant women, baby clothes) of your abortion?
 * Are there certain times of the year you find yourself depressed, sick, or accident prone, such as the anniversary date of the abortion or the month of the would-be birth date?
 * Are you resentful and unforgiving toward anyone for their involvement in your abortion?
 * Did you begin to use or increase your intake of drugs or alcohol following your abortion?
 * Have you experienced any peculiar reactions (hearing your baby cry, nightmares, flashbacks, or hallucinations) relating to the abortion(s)?
 * When choosing to share about your abortion(s), are you overcome with sorrow, anger, or guilt?
 * Do you feel compelled to hide your abortion(s) from certain people in your life?
 * If you do not have children, do you fear that you will never be able to have them?
 * Did your relationship with or concept of God change after your abortion(s)?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may be suffering from Post-Abortion Stress (PAS). Many women and men who have had an abortion experience PAS. The emotional trauma can be debilitating.

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