God at work during November

God at work during November

God At Work: Stories from the Last 11 Days

A girl was in for a pregnancy test. Her 11-year-old daughter came along. The daughter asked if she could have one of the Bibles we had sitting out. She told our volunteer Rosanna that she had read the Bible before, but she didn't understand it. Rosanna told her to pray before she read the Bible each time. "It's not like any other book. You can't just read it with your head. You have to read it with your heart." She bookmarked John and recommended the girl start there. Later that day, a man came to pick up diapers. He also asked about the Bibles we had out. Volunteer Susan talked with him about God's word and bookmarked John for him.

One of our moms brought in a friend for a pregnancy test. The girl was considering abortion. Our nurse Jenny shared information about the different abortion procedures and was able to provide an ultrasound right away. The girl is now planning to either parent or place for adoption.

A girl came was in our office this morning and asked if she could take some of the baby food we had out at the front desk. Pam says of course, and are there any specific baby foods her baby likes? The girls says her baby really likes apples, carrots, and green beans. Pam goes back to check if we have any extra of those flavors. She opens a grocery bag of baby food that had just been donated. It was filled with literally nothing else but apple, carrot, and green bean baby food. How cool. God knew what that woman needed before she even asked.

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