FromThe Heart

FromThe Heart

-Susan Skoglund

At a time when we thought the life issue was almost an afterthought for many in our culture, surprisingly it’s been headline news again!  The trial of Kermit Gosnell and his conviction showed the world a horrific picture inside the abortion industry.  State health departments began checking on abortion centers after years of neglect, and many similar places to Gosnells’ have been shut down.  Many states are passing laws to better regulate abortion clinics and to limit abortion. 

For Pregnancy Resources, this highlights the growing need for our work.  Our goal is to be the first choice for those facing an unplanned pregnancy in the Quad Cities.  You play a key role in making this a reality!

Thanks to your partnership, we are making strides.  Our additional staff nurse and two newly trained
volunteer professionals allow us to offer more medical ultrasounds.

Please help us by sharing all that we offer with your friends and family.  Perhaps they would like to walk, sponsor, or make a donation.

Thanks for all you do to be a blessing to Pregnancy