From The Heart

From The Heart

-Executive Director, Susan Skoglund

        Like Nehemiah, whom God called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which were rubble; we too are called to rebuild the walls of hope and life in our culture of death—one person at a time.  Nehemiah knew that God had called him to lead in this and that when completed the people’s hope would be strong and they would turn back to God.

    You are partners with us as we lead to rebuild hope, by offering Jesus’ grace and truth to our moms and dads.  Their hearts most often are softened to choose life and sometimes they turn to the Lord as well.

    Thank you for helping lead in this mandate from the Lord—to care for the “orphans and widows” and to support every sacred life—born and unborn.  Let’s keep building together!

“The God of Heaven will make sure we succeed. 
We’re His servants and we’re going
to work rebuilding.”
– Nehemiah 3:20