Baby Bottles 2018

Life is worth defending.  What can you do in the fight for life? What can your spare change accomplish? It doesn't take much to make a big difference!

By filling a bottle you are helping us meet the physical and spiritual needs of a mom or dad who finds themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. As well as reaching thousands in our "No Regrets" school program and help those with recovery after an abortion. 

Lives are changed daily. It doesn't take much to make a big difference. Help us by picking up a baby bottle at your church and fill it with cash, coins or a check and help moms and dads imagine what they and they life they carry can do. 

To donate now... click DONATE and list as BB2018.

Your church not participating? 
Contact Liz at 309-797-3636 or email and get signed up today!

Did you hear? We are MOVING our Moline Center!
We've acquired the old Mimzi building in Moline
& here are answered prayers:

Adequate parking 
All one level facility (no dangerous steps for pregnant moms or volunteers)
A Climate controlled garage for Hope Medical Van

We need lots of help in the coming months with remodeling, moving and more. 
Can you help?
Email and sign up today!

2018 Volunteer Training

Stay tuned for 2018 dates! Need info?
Contact Jasmine @ 563-386-3737 or