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  • Mary's Story

    Mary's Story - Healing From Abortion from Pregnancy Resources on Vimeo.
    "I'm here to tell you how God used this ministry and changed my life." Mary shared her story of healing from abortion live at the Pregnancy Resources Banquet on April 28, 2011.

  • Healing From Abortion: Real Life Stories

    Left to right: Jackie, Sandy, Lauren, Heidi, Vicki, and Kathy shared their hearts.

    Healing from Abortion: Real Life Stories
    Women share personal testimonies of God's healing at special event

    Six very brave women shared their stories of post abortion healing recently at Harvest Bible Chapel. Each of these women chose to have an abortion in the past, but these were not just stories of pain and reret. These were stories of redemption and new life. Each woman shared her recovery journey since the abortion, and how God set them free from the choices they made.

    If you or someone you know is struggling from an abortion in the past, we can help. Call us email Kathy Nagle at (309) 797-3636 or If you would like to bring an event to your church to help your congregation better understand post abortion healing, contact Susan Skoglund at

  • Welcome on board, Dr. Melvin Grimes!

    Welcome on board, Reverend Dr. Melvin L. Grimes!

    "I joined the ministry to help carry the message into the community more about the alternatives to abortion and also to help younger couples and younger ladies deal with the mountain of parenthood when they don't really understand it at an early age. And I want to help young men because it seems to me there's a shortage of men who are willing to mentor young men and help them to become productive and responsible."

    Grimes’ Early Tie to Pregnancy Resources
    In our ministry's very infancy (back when we were still the “Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Greater Quad Cities”), Rev. Grimes and his father Rev. Williams Grimes (then the pastor of Second Baptist Church in Rock Island) attended a meeting about reaching abortion-vulnerable girls in our community. Dr. Grimes has long had a heart for reaching young men and women with God's truth.

    “I'm old school. A lot of the things that younger men are exposed to as they're thinking about life and setting goals are different now. But when we go back to Scripture, all of us are called to the same standard to be Godly men. I want to share that with these young men.”

    Dr. Grives grew up the Quad Cities and graduated Rock Island High School in 1970. After moving to Waterloo, IA in 1979, Dr. Grimes thought he was gone for good. “Once I left, I fully intended to finish my career elsewhere. I never really intended to come back to the community. Seriously.” But apparently God had other plans. It was Grimes’ father who encouraged Grimes to come back to pastor in the area. “The Lord is the one who brought me back home. I fasted and prayed and the rest is history.”

    Reverend Dr. Grimes is now in his 22nd year at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Moline, IL. “I’ve seen so many lives that have changed and so many of our members have matured. I’ve seen children who came as infants and have grown into young men and young women.”

    Dr. Grimes’ Education & Honors
     *  Pastor Grimes received his Masters of Divinity and his Doctorate of Ministry from Grace Valley Theological Seminary in Edinburgh, TX
     *  Grimes serves as a part of the Christian Educations Staff for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
     *  Church Women United awarded Dr. Grimes the Humanitarian of the Year Award in April 2009
     *  The Rock Island County NAACP awarded Dr. Grimes the Image Award in Religion in June 2010

    Dr. Grimes' favorite part about living in the Quad Cities?
    Spending time with his grandkids, of course! His daughter (Melissa) and two granddaughters (Mehkia and Cadence) are the apple of his eye.

  • New Cable TV Ad to Air on MTV, TLC, and E!

    We've created a new cable TV ad to air on MTV, E!, and TLC. The ad targets teens and young women who think they might be pregnant. Be one of the first to check it out.

  • $10,000 in RK Dixon Technology Has Arrived!

    Right before Christmas, RK Dixon delivered our new office technology equipment!
    We received:
       * Brand new color copier at our Moline Center
       * Brand new black & white copier at our Davenport Center
       * 2 brand new computers for our Davenport Center

    Woo-hoo! Thanks again to all of you who voted for us in RK Dixon's Make My Non-Profit Better contest this fall. We wouldn't have won without your votes. Thank you!

    Check out the RK Dixon contest photos in our facebook album.

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