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  • A Huge Thanksgiving Praise

    A Huge Thanksgiving Praise

    We just found out that a strongly abortion minded client decided to carry! 
    She had her baby this past Thanksgiving weekend. 

    Thank you to those of you who prayed for this woman and her family. We asked you to pray way back in June. Praise to God for working in her heart. Thank God for this child that He created and has plans for.

    Your prayers are making a difference. If you would like to join our prayer team and receive weekly prayer updates, just contact Kathy Nagle at (309) 797-3636 or

  • God at work during November

    God At Work: Stories from the Last 11 Days

    A girl was in for a pregnancy test. Her 11-year-old daughter came along. The daughter asked if she could have one of the Bibles we had sitting out. She told our volunteer Rosanna that she had read the Bible before, but she didn't understand it. Rosanna told her to pray before she read the Bible each time. "It's not like any other book. You can't just read it with your head. You have to read it with your heart." She bookmarked John and recommended the girl start there. Later that day, a man came to pick up diapers. He also asked about the Bibles we had out. Volunteer Susan talked with him about God's word and bookmarked John for him.

    One of our moms brought in a friend for a pregnancy test. The girl was considering abortion. Our nurse Jenny shared information about the different abortion procedures and was able to provide an ultrasound right away. The girl is now planning to either parent or place for adoption.

    A girl came was in our office this morning and asked if she could take some of the baby food we had out at the front desk. Pam says of course, and are there any specific baby foods her baby likes? The girls says her baby really likes apples, carrots, and green beans. Pam goes back to check if we have any extra of those flavors. She opens a grocery bag of baby food that had just been donated. It was filled with literally nothing else but apple, carrot, and green bean baby food. How cool. God knew what that woman needed before she even asked.

    Thank you for partnering with us to make these stories possible!

  • Alisha Chooses Life

    Despite pressure to abort, Alisha chooses life
    Alisha's experience helps her reach out to friends considering abortion

    "When she called me, I said, 'We're going to go to this amazing place and they're going to help you.'"

    Alisha's friend was considering abortion. Alisha knew from her own experience how her friend must be feeling.

    "We were totally in love, but he was pressuring me to abort."

    When Alisha found us in 2007, she was excited to be pregnant. Her boyfriend was not. Kids were not in his plan. "We were totally in love and super great for each other," Alisha says. "But he was a mess. He was pressuring me to abort."

    Alisha was excited to find someone who would sit down and talk with her. "I didn't know how far along I was. I didn't know how I would do this financially."

    "I was just excited to have classes -
    free, amazing, great classes."

    Alisha bravely chose to parent her son. We helped with parenting classes, baby clothes, and diapers. "I was just excited to have classes - free, amazing, great classes."

    When Alisha got pregnant a couple of years later, she came back to the center. Embarrassed, she remembers thinking, "I can't even believe that I'm in this situation again." She was so thankful that the staff continued to help her.

    Alisha has seen firsthand the impact abortion has had in the lives of her friends. She appreciates how we share all the facts about medical and surgical abortions.She also likes how we "share the real realities of losing a child, whether it's miscarriage or abortion."

    "You won't be judged or condemned."

    Alisha is proud of her decision to parent her sons Liam and Xavier. "The boys' presence has made me realize what my life is all about. It's more amazing than one can ever imagine when you have a child." Alisha wants to help other women by becoming a midwife.

    Alisha really wanted her friend to come to Pregnancy Resources. "I knew those girls would open her up to the possiblilities that are before her in her life."

    When her friend voiced concerns about how she would be treated, Alisha assured her friend that she wouldn't be judged or condemned. "Just trust me and come."

    Alisha's friend also decided not to abort. She has a healthy pregnancy and is planning to parent. Thanks to faithful partners like you, we continue to help women like Alisha and her friend.

  • Walk for Life 2011 = Great Succes

    Walk for Life 2011
    walkers from 59 local churches raised $ 62,284 in gifts and pledges

    Thank you to all of you who walked, led teams from your church, and financially sponsored our Walk for Life walkers.

    Top 3 Walk for Life Teams
     1. Grandview Baptist Church
     2. First United Presbyterian Church, Moline
     3. Homewood Evangelical Free Church

    These Hardcore Walkers Raised $1,000+
    Kevin Barker, Amanda Barker, Barb Downey, Bridget Drenter, Cathy Fouts, Carl Griffin, Marilyn Kilpatrick, Ann Lovelady, Mabeth Natzke, Marilyn Olsen, Ruthie Peterson, Ralph & Betty Tambaro, Tony Turkmani, Debby Wheeler


    Walk for Life is proudly sponsored by Whitey's Ice Cream

  • Walk for Life video ready for you to use!

    Executive Director Susan Skoglund recently filmed a short intro video for Walk for Life 2011. Less than 2 minutes, it's a great clip to use in your church. If you'd like a DVD copy of the video, contact Katherine at or (309) 797-3636.

    Walk for Life 2011 - intro video from Pregnancy Resources on Vimeo.

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