All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work

~Jenny Farrell, RN

Have you ever wondered how someone could work in an emergency room or a trauma center? They have no idea when they arrive what they will have to face that day. They need to be able to handle it all: a common cold, a heart attack, a potential stroke, as well as critically injured victims of a multiple vehicular accident.
It is like that at Pregnancy Resources as well. Whether you’re a volunteer answering the phones, a services
coordinator meeting with clients, or a nurse trained to provide limited ultrasounds, there is no way to predict what will happen in any given day.
I have been working at our two locations for the past 9 ½ years. It is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had. Where else would I be able to use my medical skills, as well as to minister the hope of Jesus Christ to a hurting world? At any given point, we need to be ready to meet clients right where they are. A recent appointment was particularly difficult. The appointment was with a young woman who had originally stated that she intended to carry and parent her child. But after telling her mother she was pregnant, her mother immediately began pressuring her to abort. The client wavered at first, but then decided to come for her scheduled ultrasound appointment at our center, instead of keeping the abortion appointment her mother had made for her on the exact same day. When she saw her baby on the ultrasound screen, she said “this was the best thing that has happened to me since I found out I was pregnant!” She reaffirmed her decision to choose life for her baby. All praise to the Author of Life!

Another woman was strongly considering abortion. She stated she had a hard time handling her two children, and another baby would be too much. She was personally against abortion, but now it seemed like the best option. I shared the truth with her. I spoke to her about what the procedure would be like, and the potential side effects. Then I conducted the ultrasound. It revealed a baby several weeks along, actively moving and seeming to perform for the “camera.” Yet, she left still considering an abortion. These cases are hard emotionally.
Although these encounters can be hard, each is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ.
Even in the case of a miscarriage, we are able to offer a measure of comfort that is often lacking in busy medical offices. And we always offer to pray with them, which they almost always appreciate.
God’s word tells us to “weep with those who weep,” and to “rejoice with those who rejoice.” That is what we seek to do. In the majority of the cases where a woman seeking an abortion has an ultrasound, she chooses life for her baby, and we rejoice. In times when a women follows through with an abortion, we weep, even if we’re the only one weeping.

So what do we do on difficult days? We run to the God of all comfort. We surrender our confusion when life doesn’t seem fair. We cry out to the only One who can calm the storm in our own heart, as well as in the heart of our client and those who are with her. We open God’s word and find that He is a Refuge that we can cling to. Most of all, we support each other in
prayer. It is such a comfort to be part of an amazing team!

And that is where you come in. We covet your prayers. And we are so grateful for your financial support as well, which allows us to be here to offer a cup of water in Jesus’ name.

Thank you so much for all that you do to help Pregnancy Resources be a beacon of light in the midst of the darkness.