A Loving Grandma

A Loving Grandma


It all began in October of 2013. My routine was quite stable. Every day after work, I headed straight to the high school to pick up my two teenage granddaughters. Lately something had not been right. One of them had begun feeling nauseated and had experienced several episodes of vomiting. I was very concerned. Several years ago this granddaughter had been hospitalized with pancreatitis and her mother’s cousin has had several major surgeries due to damage from this same disease. Could this be flaring up again? It also crossed my mind that she could be having “morning sickness”. I asked her if she could be pregnant, and she replied that she “didn’t want to talk about it”. Other members of our family became angry with me for even thinking that she was sexually active. They told me I was “overreacting”.

As the vomiting continued, I probed even deeper once exclaiming “either you are pregnant or you have cancer and either way you need to see a doctor”. A few days later, after picking my granddaughters up from school, I drove to Walgreens, parked the car, and declared that we were not leaving without buying a pregnancy test. It was then when my granddaughters informed me that they had gotten a Pregnancy Resources brochure at school and that they were planning to call and make an appointment. I responded that was very wise of them and that we would not be leaving the parking lot until they did. Thankfully someone answered that phone call and an appointment was made for the following day.

I advised my granddaughter that I thought she should inform her parents about the appointment but that it was her choice. Her biggest concern at this point was that she wouldn’t be allowed to go trick or treating if her parents found out. That evening she did end up telling her mother who insisted that she take a pregnancy test and the result of the test were positive! We digested the news. Now what?

From the time I found out, a million ideas, worries, and concerns went through my mind. I knew that abortion was a sin, but it was a quick and easy way to get rid of the problem. My husband and I could raise the baby but we would be 71 and 73 years old when it became a teenager and that would not be good either.

Ultimately, I knew it was my granddaughter’s choice and I wanted her to make the best Godly-informed choice that was possible. I decided to focus on exposing her to all of the education that I could.

Instead of dwelling on my fears, I focused on the Holy Spirit and on his plans for the future. I told my granddaughter to remember the story of Mary and how God chose her, a young single mom, to mother Jesus so she should hold her head up and keep the faith.

The following day my granddaughter went to her appointment at Pregnancy Resources and much of her education included regularly attending classes there. It wasn’t easy. My shift ended in downtown Davenport at 3:30pm, and we had to be at Pregnancy Resources by 4pm. It was, however, so worth it.

This June, 2014, a beautiful baby girl entered the world, and I want to thank Pregnancy Resources for all that you have done for my granddaughter. I want you to know that your prayers, the guidance, and all of the education that she received from you have made such a difference in all of our lives.