The Power of the Men

The Power of the Men

The Power of the Men 
 ~Phil Cargill

She knew she was pregnant and brought her partner in for support. They were broke! Though they lived together, they could barely make the rent payment every month. As I sat with the guy in the waiting room, we talked about options. They were considering abortion mainly because they weren’t aware of other options. I asked what he knew about abortion which was mostly nothing. We looked through the “Decide” magazine and some other resources and he began to see the situation more clearly, especially the repercussions of abortion as he definitely wanted to stay with his girl in the future. 

We talked about roles and role models, marriage and commitment. Neither he nor she had a father as they were growing up, and we explored what he and she wanted to leave as a legacy for the future. I praised God that Nealie was taking her time in the ultrasound room as he and I were making progress. We ran out of discussion time too soon and he was called in to see the ultrasound. Instead of preparing for facilitating a class that evening, I stayed in the waiting room and prayed with my wife, Claudia. We prayed the couple would see life for what it is. His first words when he came out:

“That little heart, beating so fast! The nurse said it was just right – nearly a hundred beats a minute. I just couldn’t get over that. And she’s just 12 or 13 weeks along. And those little fingers…”

I don’t know what the future holds for them – God knows – but I saw changed hearts because of Pregnancy Resources’ presence and I saw an attitude change when the vision of that tiny beating heart and those little fingers was given to them. What a powerful tool the ultrasound is! People can see a tiny life taking shape before their eyes. My heart warms when I think of the many dedicated staff and volunteers who give their hearts so helpless babies can live, and to the people who donate their time and money to this ministry. We know that the role of our male services coordinators is vital & influential for those guys who father the babies, and who are her greatest influence for life decisions. They need to talk & be educated as much as she does! With encouragement from her partner along with the ultrasound, this woman chose life!

We currently have 2 guys volunteering in Davenport & 3 guys in Moline at Pregnancy Resources-
Thank you men- we welcome more.

*Family pictured below is not referenced in above story*