The Blessing was All Mine!

The Blessing was All Mine!

-Kathy Nagle, Administrative Assistant 

Starting with Orange Julius when I was 16, I have had numerous jobs over my working career. And I have  left every one of them. But this is the first time I have retired. When CJ Payne first approached me about joining the Pregnancy Resources staff 10 years ago, I had plenty of  apprehension. This was not “an answer to prayer” or my “dream job”. I was not unhappy where I was working, so I sat and made a list of pros and cons to coming to work here. But if God is calling you to something, can you even do that?! I came to the realization that I probably had 10 more years to work and at Pregnancy Resources, I could do work that made a difference in peoples’ lives. Of course, as God would have it, the person whose life was most impacted was me.

The first day on the job, I was nervous and wondered how I could possibly have thought I could do this. But as I read my devotional that morning, the scripture came from Colossians 1 and the end of verse 27 jumped out at me: Christ in me, the hope of glory. That’s how this would be done, by Christ in me! Thank God for that! My first day at the center was in Davenport and I went to the Moline center the next day. They had a little flip calendar on the desk there that had a scripture for each day. Guess what the verse was for that day? Yes, Colossians 1:27! God just kept reminding me who was in charge! After almost 10 years of employment at Pregnancy Resources. I am retiring but, my involvement with Pregnancy Resources did not start 10 years ago and it won’t end with retirement. In 1991 God provided me with the opportunity to work part-time and I was able to volunteer at the center. I was privileged to serve in the post-abortion healing ministry from the beginning. An incredible blessing that I am still involved with today! In 24 years, I have seen God work in many wonderful ways in healing women who regret choosing abortion.

And in the centers, I have had the privilege of seeing clients choose life and avoid that sorrow and regret. It is incredible, what happens here! What will I miss? Everything! Praying with the wonderful women I work with each morning before we begin our day. Hearing the “rest of the story” about our clients choosing life after seeing their ultrasound. Talking with our donors when they drop off diapers or change-filled baby bottles, and hearing of their passion for the work we do. God is at work at Pregnancy Resources and I am honored to have been counted worthy to serve Him here. The blessing was all mine!

As I said, my involvement won’t end with retirement. I plan to continue volunteering a shift each week and facilitating the post-abortion recovery program as long as God allows. I read once that if you’re still breathing, God isn’t done using you. I pray that Christ in me still has work to do in this next chapter of my life!